How to Attract a Girl You Like with Right Timing How to Attract a Girl You Like with Right Timing How to Attract a Girl You Like with Right Timing

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 Timing is everything
Timing is everything. Especially when it comes to physical escalation, and how to attract a girl you like.

There’s a right time to call, kiss, and even lace your fingers with hers. You wouldn’t call right after she gives you her number, and you wouldn’t wait until 2 weeks later before dialing her up.

 Back-to-back dates
You also wouldn’t spend hours together, and get yourself into back-to-back dates when you first start dating each other. That will not only diffuse your entire mystery factor, and render yourself as non-challenging as your actions reveal that you’re too readily “available”.

Then, what happens? You suffer as she eventually gets bored of you because you’re easy-to-get.

Wrong timing will consequently invite the following: awkwardness, discomfort, unpleasant, or unwanted response.

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 How to talk to girl!

In this entry, I’m going to go over several aspects of timing you should consider when you’re running a conversation with a girl, so you actually know how to talk to girl!

1. When revealing something about yourself, consider whether that “piece” of information you’re disclosing is appropriate at the time. If you want to demonstrate high value, save your fucked up past, personal insecurities, or guilty pleasures for later – preferably when you two have spent an adequate amount of time together and the attraction is strong. Set a strong impression first.

2. When talking about your achievements, don’t spend the entire 30 minutes summarizing all your major career accomplishments or childhood awards non-stop. Keep it short, be humble, and learn to pace.

Reveal something special about you bit by bit, not all at once. Pouring it all out in one session is not how to attract a girl you like. Making her wonder “what more” you have to offer is key.

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 More “hot” topics
If I were you, I’d rather have HER talk about her achievements first, and let the spotlight revert back to you (if she asks about it). That’s one great way to indicate whether a girl has interest in you, if she starts asking a string of positive and personal things about you!

3. Don’t dwell on one single topic for too long, even if you’re both enjoying it. If you talk about anything personal or delicate for too much of a stretch, the novelty or value of that topic will eventually die down. Have more “hot” topics lined up!

Just like sex, albeit being a sensitive and emotionally stirring topic, talking about it like there’s no end will only ruin the excitement of it. Leave something for her imagination to feast on.

Just think about the deejay playing your favorite song in the club. Once is good, but put it on rotation for the next 4-5 songs, then your favorable reaction would probably die down. And, he’ll get his ass fired.

Here’s a great tip: When there’s a hot topic, don’t squeeze the juice dry, BUT do keep your conversational topics juicy throughout. Read that again if you can’t put your head around it. Learn to space the exciting bits out – or even better, save the ‘meat’ of your story for later.

 The Final Words
That’s how to attract a girl you like; keep her on-the-edge. That feeling of uncertainty for the better is something all woman crave for. Gradually stack up that sexual tension, and make room for that “surprise” moment.

You can also learn plenty about your date, given the timing she gives for WHAT she talks about.

For example, if she continuously talks about her EX, or slips in comments about him every now and then, she clearly isn’t over him.

When a woman does this, you should interrupt and tell her how you dislike talking about past relations, and if she can’t respect that decision, then it’s time to take a dash for the door.

Well, I hope this tip on timing has proven insightful and useful for you!

More waves timeless tips on how to attract the girl you like soon!

Until next time.

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